5 Health Problems That Ashwagandha Can Help You Fight

Health Problems That Ashwagandha Can Help You Fight

Also known as Withaniasomnifera, ashwagandha, is a yellow flower that has been used for medicinal purposes by Ayurvedic pratitioners for over 3000 years.

The name of the compound, ashwagandha is Sanskrit for ‘smell of the horse.’ This refers to the ability of the substance to improve strength and its unique smell.

Because it can help people manage stress and anxiety, the compound is classified as an adaptogen. Moreover, experts of modern medicine also acknowledge ashwagandha as beneficial for a number of health problems.

Here’s a short list of some of the disorders that can be improved by the use of this substance.

1. High Blood Sugar Levels

According to statistics, more than 100 million Americans suffer from the problem of high blood sugar levels, and either have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Several studies have discussed the benefits of ashwagandha for reducing blood sugar levels in patients. Research states that this compound possesses the ability to increase insulin and improve insulin sensitivity in muscle cells; as a result, it can lower blood sugar levels in diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.

2. Cancer

Ashwagandha is believed to have anti-cancer properties. Although no studies have yet been conducted on humans, research carried out on animals have found ashwagandha is effective in inducing apoptosis—programmed death of cancer cells. This is done in a number of ways, including facilitating the production of reactive oxygen species, and making cancer cells more vulnerable to the process of apoptosis.

3. Anxiety and Stress

One of the best-known properties of ashwagandha is its ability to improve the symptoms of anxiety disorders and stress. Research published by the National Institutes of Health stated that the compound regulates chemical signals and inhibits the stress pathway in the brain. Moreover, participants in a study who consumed the ashwagandha supplement reported experiencing lesser anxiety by 69%.

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4. Cholesterol

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 95 million people in the United States 20 years and older have higher levels of cholesterol than recommended, which is 200mg/dL.

People with high cholesterol levels have an increased risk of developing heart problems. Ashwagandha can help improve cardiovascular health by decreasing the levels of cholesterol in the body.

5. Cognitive Decline

Reduced brain function and memory can be caused by disease, injury or growing age. Ashwagandha can help reduce cognitive decline by promoting the activity of antioxidants that reduce the effects of the damage done by free radicals.

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Note: Please consult a doctor before taking ashwagandha capsules.

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