L-Theanine Supplements: Benefits, Side effects and Dosage

L-Theanine Supplements

Are you big on green or black tea or prefer mushroom cream sauce with your steak? If you are, that means you’re getting a regular intake of L-theanine which is keeping your body in good shape.

L-theanine is an amino acid that is essential for bringing about more than a few positive changes in your body. It’s widely available in the market (including our online store) because it’s popular among people dealing with stress and anxiety.

Since stress has become an urban rhythm that tethers each of our modern lives together. There are more stressors in our concrete world than relievers in our life. This has made stress-relief medication, pills and even recreational drugs indispensable to the global population. But these don’t come without a catch! Their side-effects and repercussions have made people weary of using pharmaceutical medication for relief.

Here’s why L-theanine has emerged as a savior if taken in the right measure.

All you can gain from L-theanine

Relief from anxiety and stress

This is a relaxing stimulant which works wonders on stressed minds and people suffering from chronic anxiety. Also, this is non-toxic and safe from sedatives.

 Sharpened Focus

Complemented by a cup of tea, these supplements are known to sharpen focus and increase attention spans. Now you know what to take with your morning mug!

Strong Immunity

With a balanced intake of L-theanine, you can prevent upper respiratory tract infections from affecting you. They’re also known to improve intestinal problems and inflammation.

Tumor Prevention

Tumor Prevention

L-theanine can be found in Bay Bolete mushrooms which are a naturally effective chemotherapy drug. This has led way to findings that confirm that this supplement can also help reduce the risk of cancer.

Blood Pressure Control

Does your blood pressure shoot up during stressful situations? L-theanine can help control such rapid fluctuations and regulate your blood pressure.

Side-effects and risks

As far as scientific research has confirmed, there are absolutely no health risks of ingesting health supplements of L-theanine. It’s completely safe to take this supplement in moderation, with or without tea.

However, one cause of concern is the consumption of tea as a dietary method of taking L-theanine. Studies have shown that teas with amino acids may also contain other compounds that might be risky for cancer patients. Polyphenol EGCG is a compound found in green tea, which can restrict the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs.

Expecting mothers should also avoid overconsumption of caffeine as it disrupts the supply of milk to breastfed infants and poses several risks.


As far as the dosage is concerned, there have yet not been any reports of over dosage casualties. However if you’re already suffering from other medical problems, it’s best to consult your doctor before taking these supplements.

We offer safe and reliable health supplements of L-theanine to people who are stressed or depressed or struggle sleeping. You can buy L-theanine capsules online from our store. We ship locally and internationally.

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